This Time Tomorrow

by Leftovers

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released September 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Leftovers Rome, Italy

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Track Name: Trainwreck
Growing tired, getting back on track
With nowhere to go, right back right back
From the shit i did when there was just me and all my friends there
Having nothing else but wanting the world

Don't want to let go

Got a chance it expired
And now what's left is denial
And i'll never get why people's faces always seem so dull
That's what makes me say i'll never grow
Obvious, you'll never know
Faces to remember, places to go
Tired, so lost and invisible
I'll never get things right
Track Name: Party Fucker
I see all my friends, they're all making out
I'm here at this party and i know no one
I'm gonna pretend that i'm having some fun
Then i see this girl, she's looking so bored
I find out she's cool but her guy's 6'4''
And when he came back from the bathroom he kicked my ass out of the door

I tried to kiss a girl but her boyfriend kicked me out x3
It was so uncool, but i'm just a party fucker with no clue

I see all my friends, they're all making out
Leftovers are playing at the party again
Then all of the girls follow them in the van
Then i see this girl, she's laughing to tears
I look around, there's nothing funny near here
Until i look down at my pants and realize she was laughing at me
Track Name: Hoodie Girl
Drove around for a couple of miles
To bring you back the hoodie that you borrowed
I'd ask you out but i'm dying inside
I guess i'll do it, this time tomorrow

House show at tim's house tonight
She was there in the corner i said "hi" and she smiled
I told her "you'd look cute in my bed"
She told me "dude, someone wrote i'm gay on your forehead"

I'm jealous of the bands you're hanging on your wall
I know one day i'll be there too

I'll come off sappy but what matters is you
I'm young and stupid but the feelings are true
I'm acting dumb but i don't have a clue

It's 2AM and you fuck with my head
Drunk rant with my friends and they took me to bed
Passed out, went out, trashed a couple cans
Went to pizza hut and threw up
And i know i'd have a better chance
If i started to ignore you
Or if i stopped getting wasted
Or if i was just another guy

And i know, i was wrong
She forgot about me and i should too
And i know, i should take it this way
It was just for one night, for one show
Track Name: Ambiguous
I gave you everything and now i'm just a kid with nothing left
But some memories in my mind and my friends that got my back
I'll leave everything behind
Now it's your turn to clean all this mess

Growing tired, sick of all these fucking games
Waiting for you to say sorry just to say no once again
I will be brutally honest, you lied and you'll never pay
That's what's driving me so crazy, that's what makes me drive away from here

On and on, i'm sailing on and getting back on track
On and on, smile to the world don't care if it smiles back
And all the memories and things we had, i'll leave them at the shore
Head up against everything in search of something more

Stereotyped pathetic nonsense, that's what i sung to myself
This autocommiseration, this guitar just felt like hell
Fuck good terms i'd rather die, tried this way for a long time
The wound will heal and for this summer i'll be just fine

I gave you everything and now i'm just a kid with nothing left
But some memories in my mind and my friends that got my back
I'll leave everything behind cause this place is such a mess
When we'll grow up i'll be nothing but you'll miss me