Crappy Crocodile

by Leftovers

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Hank Scorpio
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Hank Scorpio More of that tight Italian pop punk. Favorite track: Tryhard.
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released June 5, 2017

thanks to our fans, families and to Ariana Grande



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Leftovers Rome, Italy

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Track Name: Lardoons
You and i
Lay down together then we watch the sky
Let's talk about of all the dreams we hide
Don't tell me anything that'd break this lie
What if i wake one day
And looking back i was just wasting time
And all those plans we made we wished were right
Don't tell me anything that'd break this lie

And i don't wanna
Let go of these moments
I wish that we could be
Like this forever
And let these words sink in
I'm gonna stay this way
Am i ever gonna find my way

Then the good vibes fade out
And what remains is just an empty shell
A funny joke, as far as i can tell
The king is naked, everybody hell
And all the drunken nights
All lame excuses to get one night stands
Of all those people in these punk rock bands
Who'll stick around after this madness ends
Track Name: You, Me and TV
Do you remember
It used to be like that
Turn on the TV screen
And tell me about the past
About the way you feel
And how to make this last
And i will tell you
I really miss those days
Talking with you forever
With nothing to say
Can't we just play it back
Then sit and watch on repeat every

Feels like i'm wasting my days away

Everything we waited for now slowly disappears
Everything we wished for now’s escaping from my hands
Another time we wished to make things right
Do i remember?
When it was al right
These precious memories, no need to run and hide
Like shooting stars we’re waiting for another flight
And time goes by
Track Name: Pornobuster
Another night alone
It goes on and on and now
And my pants keep falling down
Got caught a couple times
It may be wrong but everytime
I just keep on going on
And i'm sorry you came back home
Please forgive me for what i've done

I know it's so wrong
Everything is so wrong
You said that you regret you made me
Day by day you're breaking now
And this is so wrong
Everything you thought is falling down

Another night alone
It goes over and over now
The voice now has spread in town
And i know you hate me
And i know i hate myself
Wish i'd be somebody else
And i'm sorry you came back home
Please forgive me for what i've done

And your picture stares from the screen
I'd say i love you but i doubt that'd make you happy
Track Name: 14 Evenings
I see you everytime
I've been 14 evenings on this bus
But it's all worth to see your smile
And i know one day i'll have the guts to
Come up and say hi

I wished i finally found
Someone who sticks around
Someone who takes my breath away
And i hope to see you around
I wished i finally found
Someone who really loves me
Someone who really takes my breath away

I see you waving back
And i guess you notice when i stare
At your reflection from the glass
Is it weird is it dumb
Would your boyfriend just kick my ass
Track Name: Tryhard
She said he's a piece of shit i think she'll run away
I never knew someone as fake his face it makes me go insane
She said he's sending pictures of her body to his friends
Now she's so close to me i'm naked trying to comfort you baby

Please don’t wake me up
Go away, what the fuck
Is this shit just a dream
Does she really love the jerk?
Please don’t wake me up
I’m so alone and fucked up

Oh that girl takes me to the top
It feels like bottom somehow
Why don’t you try and under stand
Who is the jerk between us?

Will we ever be together let me give you everything
I wonder what does he have more than me that i can't do that i can't give
You're sleeping on the floor again he doesn't seem to care
But i guess he's too busy riding on his bike with no seat and no underwear

I guess you're staring at the sun
I'm still here waiting for a call
I never knew someone as dumb
As your boyfriend
Maybe you're not the one for me
Maybe i'm not the one for you
Sometimes you look just as dumb
As your boyfriend do

Fuck this
Fuck waiting at the sidelines
I'm better off without
Bending over backwards everytime
But that's a lie cause
I've been shot and slaughtered
Blew out of the water he'll just win
And i'll just keep on trying
Track Name: Nacho Macho
Track Name: Just Another Day
When's the next time we will talk again
Practiced every word inside my head
And i know it's hard to say it's over
But unless you do

I'll be out of your house screaming "everyone listen"
No one here will bring me down
I'm waking up this town
Singing loud with nothing to say
I'm leaving but with this weird feel
That i should stay
Just another day

When's the next time we will meet again
I miss you more than punk rock on tv
And i know it's hard to say it's over
Set it straight and just move on
But at least i'm trying
At least i'm fucking trying

So please forget about the things i said
The songs, the rides, the times we shared
We'll move apart while time keeps moving on and on
Track Name: Weirdo
I gave you everything and now
It's not enough for you to stay
What do you want from me now
that i've done what you said

Does that mean anything to you
Tonight feels crazy
But now that i'm gone you'll be sad

It won't last forever cause everything changes
And everyone grows, when everybody hurts
So wipe off your grin
You don't mean anything to me
Track Name: Voodoo
Wishing that everything that happens wont be meaningless to me
Another season never ending through these lights and broken streets
It's like the rain in december falling on us costantly
Another piece of us is fading whats our final destiny it's over

Follow me, to days of dreams and celebration
Follow me don't wake up (wake me up)
Endlessly, we fall deep no hesitation
Another mistake up to me

Waiting for the summer, stain on sunday best
Come we burn daylight till we fade and pass out on the overpass
Another season never ending through these lies and empty sheets
It's like the rain in december falling on us costantly it's over
Track Name: Another Boring Day
Woke up too late
It's always the same
Nowhere is where i'm going
When everything fades
And i'm tired of this place
It drives me insane
Facing clouds in my way
But i'm still singing for better days

And here i am again
This bed is cold and grey
But i'm not feeling like leaving today
I don't feel like doing anything

Wrong wrong get it wrong
Everything is getting wrong
Drunk drunk gettin drunk
Waking up then it's all over
Wrong wrong get it wrong
Everything is getting wrong
Round round get around
Tonight my london bridge is falling down

Stuck in the screen
She's talking to me
She said woah oh oh oh
I don't know oh oh oh oh
I don't know if i'm sad
Or just numb as shit
I don't know which is worse
I'll just blow myself up on the street

And now she talks to me (and now she's talking to me)
And everything is grey (i'm stuck here and going nowhere)
I've seen what i wanted to see
Done what i wanted to do
Now i'm here all alone
With some wendy's for two
Track Name: Ninja
I know i'm just as bad
Bad as everything you had
Badass like your grandpa in the morning
with a baseball bat
so bad that i cant tell
so fucked and i can't stand
All those situations
Where i end up with my dick in my hand

As far as i can tell
Trying hard to understand
The consequences
Of just trying and stand up for myself
Now i just can't hold on

And time keeps moving on and on and on x4
And time keeps moving

I think it's time for me to go
Away as far as i can go
Away as far as you can run
Forever to the punk rock show
Tonight don't give a fuck just dance
Let's get drunk till the morning ends
Tomorrow a new beginning's waiting for us
Now shut up and just dance

Stop feeling bad it's time to go
Let's go to the punk dock show
Take my hand and tell me why
I felt alive long time ago//it's time to go
Track Name: Douche
Can't get in highschool cause everytime
There's this jerk outside he's waiting for a fight
He thinks he's better than everyone
Trying to impress, while you're just empty inside (and i say)

It's just a matter of what you think and not of what you say
Track Name: Welcome To Cartoonia
Man i'm trippin i'm trippin
I'm ready to go
Remember me sober
It was long time ago
I know
I shouldn't stay
But the shitfacing is fading away

Man i'm skatin i'm skatin
I'm skating the ramp
Skate around naked
While taking a dump
I know
I shouldn't stay
But the shitfacing is fading away

I know
What's going on
You're talking shit
All hope is gone
We just dont care
To take control
I'm throwing up
Out of control
Shut up and roll

Man i'm fucking i'm fucking
I'm fucking this whore
I'm bleeding and screaming
I'm closing the door
I know
I shouldn't stay
But the shitfacing is fading away

Man i'm running i'm running
Lets go the show
Give em some weed and
I get through the door
The crowd's fucking lame
But leftovers are playing
I pick up the chainsaw
Heads flying they're all fucking